My little piece of heaven!!

Well. It's hard to believe I am sitting in my little shop, surrounded by amazing smells, whimsy music and all of my favourite things, writing this first blog post and just about to launch my online store!  Only three months ago, I was browsing on my iPad at late hours daydreaming of owing my own boho chic boutique.  My "real" job was coming to an end, my contract was up and it was time to make some really hard decisions.  Do I continue working for money, making money, but so not interested in what I was doing... or do I make a shift and take a leap of faith and make my dream a reality?  You see...since having my first job at "The Dugout"( a really super cool sports store in my small town where I grew up, at the ripe age of 14, I dreamt of owning my first store! I loved everything about it.  Greeting the customers, organize clothing, changing over the displays...all of it! My friends remind me that I spoke of this store through college, claiming one day I would own my own store!  It's already been three hard to believe, and I still have moments where I walk into my shop and get a little teary eyed....for the first time in my life I feel complete... and I know I made the right choice.  My store is a complete reflection of me....I hope that you enjoy walking through my little boho eclectic chic shop and find it interesting and intriguing!! Enjoy the smells, the sights and everything in between!! Believe me, if you follow your heart and listen to will be set free...listen!! xox

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