Be Fearless Wooden Sign
Be Fearless Wooden Sign
Be Fearless Wooden Sign
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Be Fearless Wooden Sign

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The Deets:

  • Dimensions are: 12" wide by 24" long.
  • Background color is black
  • Lettering is white
  • Design is silk screened onto painted MDF
  • Framed with stained pine wood
  • Keyhole hanger is set into the back for flush and easy hanging


How beautiful is this sentence that conveys so much with so few words. Every part of this quote has such strong meaning. "be fearless.." don't be crippled by your fears. Everyone has the ability to be fearless, don't let it control your life. "in the pursuit of.." always ask yourself what you are pursuing and why. Live a life in pursuit of a greater purpose, as well as happiness. "what sets your soul on fire.." everyone human on earth is searching for something that fulfills their soul. It's completely different for everyone, but once you have found it, you'll know.
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