Dog Paw Rescue Balm
Dog Paw Rescue Balm
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Dog Paw Rescue Balm

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Sensitive and delicate, dog's paw pads are quickly affected by outside aggressions such as weather changes, salt added to the streets and when asphalt gets very hot during summer and can burn your pet's paws. This is why they need a little help to stay soft and well moisturized. The BKIND paw rescue balm is made of shea butter and coconut oil, both extremely rich and moisturizing, which will nourish them deeply. Lavender and eucalyptus essential oil both offer them a calming effect. Together, these ingredients create a protective barrier against further cracking and will get a long-term hydration to the paws.

Ingredients: candelilla wax, shea butter, coconut oil, safflower seed oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, eucalyptus, cedarwood and lavender essential oil.
Handmade in Montreal 

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