Greeting Cards - "Shit you won't find in Hallmark"

Designer: Julie Ann Art


Each product was hand picked out with you in mind <3

In 2008, Julie Ann Art was created by Julie Astrauckas as a hobby. Not a "I hope this will turn into a business one day" kind of hobby. Just a hobby.

Today, this business has become her dream job.

The transition between the two is sort of a blur, probably because it took a long time to happen, and yet, happened very quickly. Julie worked on this business for years before, seemingly over night, it blossomed into something she could spend her life doing.

Over the beginning years, the product evolved, as Julie grew as a designer and learned to become more true to herself. It was this authenticity, combined with the amazing networking circle created through her blog (, that really pushed JAA to where it is today.

All card designs are created by Julie with a good old fashion pen and paper. They are then digitized, printed and packaged, all in her home studio in California.

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