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Designer: Wolf & Pine


Each product was hand picked out with you in mind <3

Don't settle in life, not for a cheap wine, a guy who wears white sunglasses or a shitty moisturizer. London Flog is made with top notch ingredients. Quality. You have standards, so you can tell white Oakleys to go break the bad news to his broskis oversome brewskies. He's living proof that Darwin was wrong.  

Cocoa & Shea butter based body whip is deeply penetrating to moisturize and soothe cracked and dry skin. Ideal for eczema, psoriasis, reducing the appearance of stretch marks or for wind or sunburned skin. This body whip is like no other, leaving a powdered finish so you don't feel like a butterball. Aroma of Earl Grey Latte, the fucking nectar of the basic gods. 

Cocoa Butter // Prevents drying of skin and helps appearance of fine lines. Reduces the signs aging and maintains skin's supple look. 

Shea Butter // Rich in fatty acids, primarily stearic and oleic acid. Replenishes moisture barrier and promotes elasticity. Penetrates deeply into the skin to keep it hydrated, leaving it soft and smooth.

Coconut Oil // Antibacterial and antifungal. Deeply prenetrates to soothe dry or cracked skin.

Elderberry // Contains high levels of lipid soluble antioxidants to reduce oxidative damage.

Bergamot // Rejuvinates for more radiant looking skin. 


Full list of Ingredients // cocoa butter*, shea butter*, coconut oil*, camellia oil*, cassava root*, eldeberry extract*, vitamin E, essential oil (bergamot*, vanilla). 


How to use:

Apply all over body or better yet, get someone to do it for you.  


This product is sensitive to temperature change; it will harden when placed in cool location and soften when warmed.  Keep out of direct sunlight.  
Do not ingest. 


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