8 Years Of Stitch!

8 Years Of Stitch!

This month, we're celebrating eight years of Stitch & Stone... WOW! What an incredible journey we've been on so far. While we reflect on the last eight years, we've discovered some inspiring ideas we want to share— here are eight things we've learned along the way:


1. Get Out Of Your Own Way

To embrace your dreams, you have to let go of the opinions of others. If we lived based off fears and judgement, we would've never built this amazing community of likeminded individuals— our Stitchbabes! 

2. We're All Just Figuring It Out

Starting anything can be scary. We're all learning as we go, and that's a really exciting and beautiful thing. It's not about what if we succeed, but what if we fail?

How will we pick up and keep moving forward? Those are the moments that matter most. 

3. It Takes A Village

Nothing worth having is easily attained, and there's a lot that goes into our brand behind the scenes. Having a solid team to support, build, and strive with is integral to who we are. One of our pillars is that being a Babe is all about championing others, and that starts internally. 

4. We Aren't The Same As We Were (and that's a good thing)

Sometimes change can seem daunting, but the reality is, we're all changing all the time. It's normal to evolve, and while we appreciate and love who we were eight years ago, we're also tremendously proud of the growth we've experienced and what we stand for.

5. 90% Of Anything Is Showing Up

We've learned the importance of showing up for yourself. If you don't do it, who will? Each step of hard work brings you a little closer to those goals that seem unreachable. Sometimes those dreams are a reminder of how capable you are, and what you can accomplish if you believe. You will bloom if you take the time to water yourself! 

6. We Are Interdependent

We couldn't be who (or where) we are without the support of our Stitchbabes. Not only do you provide daily inspiration, you are a representation of Stitch every time you share kindness, wear your favourite piece from us, or just come by to say hi. We count our lucky stars for the incredible community surrounding us, and often reflect on our blessings. 

7. It's Never Too Late To Rewrite Your Story

You're allowed to turn the page. You're allowed to be curious and discover new things about yourself. You're allowed to change your mind, too. Give yourself the grace to make mistakes and start anew. There is always something new to learn.

8. Your Differences Are Your Strengths

Your uniqueness is your super power. Life would be pretty boring if we were all the same. Remember to shine bright, and don't dull your light for anyone!


All in all, we want to say thank you. We are forever changed by the warm embrace that has held our little shop in the Sudbury community and beyond, and can't wait to see where the next eight years brings us. 🖤

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