Our Story

Stitch & Stone is a modern fashion boutique with a subtle touch of boho charm, with just a sprinkle of magic. Our shop is inspired by the beauty of every day, our Canadian roots, and the inspiring connections we build along the way.

We intentionally select pieces and brands we truly love.

We care about fit, quality, and value as much as we care about how it looks (because it's just as important to feel good on the inside). We are genuinely excited about the products we carry, and make an extra special effort to ensure all of our customers are satisfied with their new pieces! Click here to read more about what we stand for.

Our store tells a unique story.

We strive to create a space where we can foster the creativity of our team, share our ideas, and build an inspired world with you. We aim to cultivate an extraordinary experience for everyone that steps through our doors, because we believe shopping at Stitch is more than transactional. We want you to leave happy and feel good, with the warmth and wonder of reuniting with an old friend.