All Kinds Of Love: Marianne & Kamilla

All Kinds Of Love: Marianne & Kamilla

Of all the kinds of love I've experienced, nothing quite compares to the evolution of my relationship with my Mom, Marianne.
As I've entered adulthood, my eyes have opened to the patience, time, sacrifice, and warmth she's poured into me, allowing me to become who I am. The ability to grow a friendship as women has expanded my appreciation for the extraordinary person she is, beyond her maternal role. The luck I'm granted to navigate a new chapter of my life with her support is not lost on me— my cup runneth over.
There are all kinds of love in our relationship. A reminder to drive safe and sending a text when you get home. Sharing an encouraging word. Book recommendations. Seeing something and saying "I thought of you." One of the most valuable lessons my mom has taught me is people speak from the heart more often than you think, you just have to listen closely.
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Hi Cam I know your mom she is one of the sweetest ladies that I. Know. Happy mother’s Day to Marianne.


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