All Kinds Of Moms: Rebecca

All Kinds Of Moms: Rebecca

Life throws everyone curves.  Becoming a mother was something I never thought would be one of those curves.  I was healthy, active, and took care of myself, but when I couldn’t get pregnant naturally, we had to look at other methods.  Invitro-fertilization was my only hope in becoming a mother and starting our family. After 3 cycles, 2 unsuccessful treatments, and 1 successful, but ending with a miscarriage and still-born  child we had to bury, my outlook of becoming a mother became shattered.  However, my constant reminder to myself was that “We are going through this for a reason.  There is a reason why I cannot become pregnant.  I don’t know what yet, but there is a reason for all this!”

Our last chance to become parents, my last chance to become a mother was through adoption.  It was a difficult process as my husband and I had to once again go through all the tough moments in our life in trying to become parents.  Yes it made us stronger as a couple, but still very hard and trying on both of us as a couple and individually.

And in July 2004 our lives changed forever!  We did go through all this for a reason … and the stars were finally aligned for us.  We were successful in becoming parents to a beautiful baby girl that we adopted.  She was all we could ask for – curious, full of life, beautiful, and adventurous.  Our family was now here and we could not be happier!

Now 19 years old, my beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, and determined daughter, all grown up, amazes me every day!  I loved all the stages of her life from first learning to walk, talk, playing sports, driving, and now in university working towards her dreams.  She is our life, our pride and joy and we celebrate each other, every day of the year.  But especially on the day she became part of our family … her adoption day … which we celebrate, as a family, every year.

Becoming a mother took a different path for me, but looking back, through the struggles, heartbreak, and tears, my miracle did happen!  The stars were aligned, and I did go through all this for a reason.  Someone out there needed me, just as much as I needed her … my wonderful daughter.  I love you sweetheart!  Continue shooting for the stars and always remember you are my sunshine!

- Rebecca


This year for Mother's Day, we want to emphasize the importance of motherhood, in its many shapes, sizes, and circumstances. We will be showcasing a few of the various types of maternal love we are privileged to witness in our Stitch World. While there are so many ways to mother, we're shining a spotlight on the magical moms around us.

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