Babes With Bumps

Babes With Bumps

This year, we've been lucky enough to go along the pregnancy journey of a couple members of our Stitch Crew! While it's been such an exciting experience to support and witness, we've come to the realization that dressing with a changing body— AND the new Summer heat— isn't that easy! Maternity wear can be difficult to navigate, especially when you aren't sure if the piece will even fit when it gets to you. Through this time of discovery for our coworkers, they've gotten very creative with their wardrobe, and certainly inspired us! 

We have so many expecting Stitchbabes locally and afar that are looking for things to accommodate their growing bellies, as well as beyond! We don't love the idea of clothes that you only have a small window of time to wear— what's the point? Keeping these factors in mind, we've put together a collection to make this period a little bit easier for our customers. While these aren't maternity pieces, we've curated a selection of easy, breezy options to make you a bit more comfortable during the warm weather! Keep reading to see our suggestions. ❤️

A good Midi Dress can do so much throughout the summer! If you're growing fast and need extra material to compensate, a ruffled style will allow for a flattering fit, no matter the stage of pregnancy. A couple of great options right now are the Faith Ruffle Dress (pictured) and the So Cal Midi Dress. Honourable mention to the Carrie Dress


 Nothing matches up to the classic Maxi Dress! A breezy basic, this style is so forgiving for growing bellies! A lot of our styles, like the Tara Maxi Dress and Tropics Maxi Dress (both pictured) feature soft, stretchy material and side slits for extra room.

If you feel like you need to size up, you can wear your maxi postpartum with a simple bralette and tied at the bottom, which can compensate for the extra roominess, while also giving you a different, laidback way to style your look! 


Overalls are ALWAYS a good idea... especially with a little babe on the way. Brands like Easel are so comfortable naturally oversized, so you know they're a good bet for pregnancy pieces. Overalls are another versatile piece that you can style postpartum (and they can make breastfeeding way more accessible!)


Bare that bump, babe! We love the trend of accentuating baby before they arrive earth-side, a look we're definitely getting Rihanna inspiration for! Pair a loose blouse or bold pattern with a flowy skirt, or pair with a breezy pant for those glowing-mama vibes!! And realistically, it's a great way to stay comfortable and cool during the Summer heat. We love Free People for their oversized fits and dreamy designs— some of our current favourites are the In Paradise Wide Leg Pant (pictured), Simply Smitten Maxi Skirt (pictured), and the Jilly Maxi Skirt


Break the heat with a peekaboo moment! Another look popularized by Rihanna, leave the last few buttons open on a blouse or tunic, and you have a whole different look. This is also a great layering option for a plain t-shirt dress too! Easy pieces to accomplish this look with are the Summer Daydream Buttondown, Elaine Buttondown (pictured), and Happy Hour Solid Buttondown.

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