Jillian Harris' Farm

Stitch At Jillian Harris' Farm!

It feels SO surreal even typing this, but...WE MET JILLIAN HARRIS!

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen that a few of us were in Kelowna for Jilly Academy at the Farm...ummm, can you even believe it!?! This has been a DREAM for so long! We had so much fun, we wanted to share our experience with you. So, April and I both answered a few questions to give you an inside peek at our time at the farm!
Enjoy xoxo 
- Gabe


Q&A with Gabe & April 

Q: What was your favourite part of the trip?

Gabe: My favourite part of my trip was finally being able to travel and explore Kelowna with other amazing like minded business owners and entrepreneurs!! Being able to catch the amazing vibes and energy was so inspiring!

April: Meeting and chatting with like minded women. When do you ever get to be in the same room as 100+ inspiring women who are their own bosses?!?!

Q: Who was your favourite speaker and why?

Gabe: Jillian Harris!  Everything she spoke about was so relatable.  I felt like we're going through the same struggles and the same wins.  Especially because she is also a mom, hearing her talk about trying to balance it all really hit home.  Turns out, she is just like us, but just super cool and funny!!  I also loved hearing from Jam.  She really talked about using your voice...something I really struggle with..so I found her talk really inspiring! I'd love to take one of her courses one day!

April: My favourite speaker was Jamie Wood. She owns a tech company who creates software to help teams with burnout and ensures they are prioritizing their brain health. It was so interesting hearing about the science behind burnout and fatigue and how we can combat that with simple changes in our daily lives!

Q: Tell us about some of the cool businesses/entrepreneurs that you met! 

Gabe: There were so many! I LOVE Love Co Ceramics! I am excited to get her products in store! Stay tuned!!

April: We met so many it's hard to single any out! One was a super cute boutique for all things puppies called Island Dog! They are launching their website next month and we can't wait to see it!!

Q: How did this trip impact and inspire you?

Gabe: First, being able to travel to the West Coast, especially after the past few years was especially inspiring.  The mountains, the lakes, the wineries, the beautiful downtown, the amazing restaurants! It was all so inspiring!  It was so nice to finally see new products and new spaces and just explore!! I feel so inspired and I have so many new ideas for my business! It was truly a gift.

April: It was wonderful to go back to the core of our business and remember why Stitch & Stone was created! We just completed our rebrand and launched our new website, so it felt like a full circle moment to come back to our roots and remember why Stitch was started in the first place!

We were so inspired by downtown Kelowna and all the beautiful small local shops that we found new brands to carry in store and new inspiration for our in-store layout. 



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