Stitch Recap: Cambrian College Bursary

Stitch Recap: Cambrian College Bursary

Hey babes, it's been a minute! 

Kam here! We've been busy getting set for the Spring season, and made some time for some really exciting community outreach at Gabe's alma mater, Cambrian College! 

This year, Gabe decided to give back to one of the pillars in her entrepreneurial journey as well as fuel the fire behind an upcoming graduate in the business program. The Stitch team sought out a motivated, inspiring female in Cambrian's Business program to tell us a bit about their story— we were SO lucky to learn about multiple amazing students with a passion for pursuing a self-employed path. 

I joined Gabe last week for the Bursary Ceremony, where we had the opportunity to chat and connect with our Bursary Recipient. We are so pleased to announce we granted our bursary to the wonderful Sarah Bouchard! Completing her last year at Cambrian and heading on to further her education, she is passionate about digital marketing and media, and strives to cement her place in the entrepreneurial world through innovation, and taking creative advantage of the new media that's continuously emerging in our world. 

We're so grateful to have been apart of a wonderful night, and being able to assist an emerging entrepreneur is such an awesome feeling. Thank you, Cambrian, and we can't wait to see Sarah's next steps! 

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